Why Coconut Soy Wax…

For as long as most of us can remember, we’ve used candles to decorate living spaces, to relax, or even set the mood. They foster a peaceful and calming environment while filling the room with pleasant scents. 

For years, paraffin has been the most famous wax to make candles. It was readily available, reasonably cheap, and it seemed to be all the rage. However, in recent years it’s come to light that paraffin wax isn’t as great as we once thought. Burning these kinds of candles can emit harmful fumes in the air that negatively affect our health. 

As a result, many candle makers have turned to use coconut wax as a safe alternative. Perhaps you’ve heard about the coconut wax movement, but you’re not so sure as to why it’s a better choice. 


Paraffin wax is not only harmful to our health, but it isn’t a sustainable product.  In contrast, coconut wax is made when the oil is pressed out of the coconut meat and undergoes the hydrogenation process. This process ensures that these candles are made of sustainable material. 

Moreover, coconuts don’t require toxic pesticides or fertilizer to grow, and coconut trees can live for 60 - 80 years! Because coconuts are harvested by hand, it eliminates heavy machinery, and local farmers can make a living from these coconuts.


Coconut wax and essential oils are a match made in heaven. The seamless mix of fragrance oils with coconut wax results in a much more robust and broader scent throw than traditional paraffin wax. When you open up a jar to smell it, you’ll be greeted with a smell that can quickly fill a room. Once the candle is lit, it will continue to fill your living space with its pleasing aroma.


Coconut wax burns slower than paraffin wax. A slower burn means that you get to enjoy your favorite scents for much longer than you would with traditional candles. In addition, an even burn allows you to get your money’s worth from your coconut wax candle. You won’t have to worry about wax sticking to the sides of the candle jar. 


Have you ever experienced unsightly black marks where you usually burn a candle in your home? Coconut wax gives off a much cleaner burn than most other wax on the market. It will burn with zero soot, which means that you can say goodbye to those pesky soot marks on your walls. 

Here at Jackson's Essentials we pride ourselves on using sustainable, clean-burning coconut wax for all our candles. When combined with our wooden wicks you can feel confident in your eco-friendly candle choices. 

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