Benefits of Wood Wicks...

Wood Wicks are a signature part of every candle here at Jackson's Essentials but many of you may be wondering why we chose this type of wick. Other than being incredibly aesthetic, there are a few benefits of using wooden wicks. But first, what is a wooden wick?

What is a Wooden Wick?

A wooden wick is a thin slab of wood created especially for candle making. They give off a beautiful crackling sound that will remind you of nights by the fire. 

Benefits of Using Wooden Wick Candles:

Promotes a Relaxed Ambiance 

When lit, wooden wicks will give off soft popping and crackling sounds, similar to sounds given off by a warm fireplace. These pleasant sounds are both relaxing and add to the warm, welcoming glow of the candle.

Wooden Wicks are Sustainable 

We love our planet, and we want to do our part to ensure that we help keep it safe. Wooden wicks are harvested using environmentally friendly methods. Not to mention that just one tree can provide thousands of wooden wicks!  When combined with our soy wax bases, you can rest assured that our candles are eco-friendly. 

Provide Even Burns for Candles 

No one enjoys a sooty candle. Not only does it ruin the look of your candle, but carbon soot buildup from cotton wicks can release unwelcome contaminants into your air. 

Wooden wicks allow our candles to burn evenly and prevent them from having that unwelcome “mushroom cloud” look. When burning wooden wick candles, simply give them a trim every now and again to get a clean burn every time. 

We are proud to promote sustainability and use wooden wicks in all our candles. Check out our various collections to take home the perfect wooden wick candle for you. 

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