Cactus Flowers

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Cactus Flowers is a refreshing and invigorating blend inspired by the desert oasis. Imagine the crisp, clean scent of succulent cactus leaves infused with the subtle sweetness of desert flowers. It's a rejuvenating aroma reminiscent of a cool breeze blowing through a sun-drenched desert landscape after a rain shower. The fragrance carries hints of green freshness and watery notes, evoking images of shimmering pools nestled among cacti and rocky terrain. Overall, it's a unique and revitalizing scent that transports you to the heart of the desert, awakening the senses and leaving you feeling refreshed and energized.

Fragrance Notes:

Top: Ozone, Watery Notes, Honeydew Melon
Middle: Cactus Rose, Greens, Cyclamen 
Base: Dry Patchouli, Dessert Sands, Driftwood

Ingredients: Vegan Friendly Coconut Soy Wax Blend, Phthalate-Free Fragrance Oil, Lead-Free Cotton Wick

Our single wick candles are most effective in small offices, bathrooms, bedrooms and smaller living spaces.

Hand-Poured in a small batch with Love in Louisiana 

Please visit our CANDLE CARE TIPS page for tips to properly care for your candle.

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Floral and Clean

Love this scent great floral and clean smell..